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An export LC is an undertaking by the LC issuing bank on behalf of the importer (buyer) to pay you as the exporter for the goods upon providing documentary evidence of the shipment of the goods in compliance with the terms and conditions of the LC. Export LC provides exporters with the confidence to allow them to ship their goods prior to the receipt of payment.

By issuing an import Letter of Credit, Bank gives the assurance that overseas supplier will receive payment only when the order is fulfilled. In this regard, the company is also protected from the risk of not receiving the goods after making payments to the suppliers since the supplier will be paid only if the presented documents are compliant as per the terms and conditions of the LC.

There are many important points in a typical letter of credit transaction that need to be taken care of professionally.However, documentation is much more important than any other aspects of the letters of credit transactions, because the documentation forms the backbone of the letters of credit structure.

At Cybertronics, we understand that trade finance clients come from various backgrounds with different needs. The instruments that clients require can be differentiated in their instrument size, instrument duration, payment structure, rating of issuing or advising bank and the relationship the client maintains with their banks.

We are also aware that the arena of Trade Finance can be complicated for clients who are more focused in their manufacturing/commodities/etc business.

Cybertronics’ always maintains a client-focused vision to arrive and provide the best solution for the client. Our services are dynamic and efficient. We offer competitive choice for our clients when aiming to fulfill their trade finance needs.

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